Le Doulos (re: 2017)

Filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville, whose re-discovery continues apace with last year's critically acclaimed and award-winning Army of Shadows, directed this homage to American Film Noir in 1962. Le Doulos translates to 'he who wears the hat,' which in underworld lingo means 'stool-pigeon'. Could it be suave gangster Silien (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who tipped off the cops to sprung jailbird Faugel's (Serge Reggiani) carefully planned safe heist? Or should Faugel worry more about his overly-social girlfriend Therese (Monique Hennessy)? The list gets whittled down as more suspects get whittled away,until the film's surprising and violent ending.




UK Release Date: 
Fri, 11/08/2017
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Running Time: 
109 Mins

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