A Ghost Story

He’s behind you
6/10 - More fascinating than frightening, A Ghost Story examines love and loss through the eyes of those who have left us.
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Friday, August 11, 2017
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A supernatural drama following a new ghost and the lover he left behind.


If arty films aren’t your thing, and you prefer to see Casey Affleck in action movies like Triple 9, this won’t be for you.

But A Ghost Story, which was lauded after its Sundance Film Festival premiere, may just be able to change the minds of some mainstream cinema fans thanks to its haunting effect, which stay with the viewer long after the credits have rolled.

C (Affleck) and M (Rooney Mara) are a loved-up suburban couple. He’s a struggling musician, and while we don’t learn what M does, it’s clear she shoulders more responsibility in the relationship.

We get a brief insight into the romance, both the good times and the moments when they struggle, before C is killed in a car crash.

After identifying his body in the mortuary, M says her goodbye and tenderly covers her deceased partner’s face with a sheet.

Not long after she leaves the room though C sits up, fully covered in the sheet, and he becomes the ghost of this story.

At first, it’s hard to take this Halloween-like ghost, complete with cut-out eye holes (seriously), but it’s not long before the viewer gets used to the solitary figure which haunts the corners of every scene.

The ghost makes his way back home and is forced to witness M come to terms with C’s tragic passing.

From sitting on the kitchen floor robotically eating a pie to being sick, the ghost sees it all.

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He’s also there when M sells up and moves and he watches on as she leaves a tiny message in the crack of a wall, a keepsake she’s done every time she moves house.

But the ghost isn’t able to leave and is instead tethered to his old home, and is ever present when a Hispanic family move in.

He’s also there when they move out, and the next tenants move in, and so on. And all the time, as the house slowly falls to disrepair, he tries in vain to retrieve the message left by M.

Writer and director David Lowery offers an interesting take on life and death, but A Ghost Story can be boring at times, especially the overly long pie eating scene, which is soul-zappingly dull and seems like it will never end.

There’s a lack of dialogue, due to it being about a ghost and all, and a few times jumping scenes prove to be more confusing than clever.

A Ghost Story is less scary, more surreal, with the original nature, haunting music and beautiful camera work keeping the 92-minute runtime just about ticking over - any longer though and this movie would have lost its audience.

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