Hugh Jackman never aimed for movie stardom

Hugh Jackman loves the family atmosphere on film sets.

Hugh Jackman never believed he’d become a movie star as his greatest ambition was to appear on stage.

The actor landed his big break in Hollywood when he was cast as the superhero Wolverine in the 2000 movie X-Men.

However, he had already won plaudits for his performances in stage musicals, and even garnered an Olivier Award nomination for his role as Curly in a production of Oklahoma! at the National Theatre in London.

And Hugh says that at the time, he thought his career had peaked as he was ambivalent about working in Hollywood.

“I remember being at the National Theatre doing that show and walking across Waterloo Bridge thinking this is as far as my dreams have got me,” the 49-year-old told Variety. “I was 28, pretty much having reached most of the goals that I’d set for myself. I was always very vague on the Hollywood thing. I felt like if I pinned all my hopes on that, I was destined for disappointment.”

Despite having been nominated for an Academy Award for his turn in Les Miserables and previously hosting the Oscars, Hugh says his biggest thrill still comes from stage work.

“To this day when I’m doing stage work, I go down to the wings even if I’m not on first to hear the crowd shuffle in,” he explained. “It’s the height of excitement as the orchestra starts to play.”

He has grown to love movie work though, as he enjoys the family atmosphere that develops between actors on set.

“I also genuinely love the family aspect of what we do, and I feel more comfortable being relaxed and myself with everybody, rather than a feeling of ‘Oh, I’m a big actor; you can’t talk to me.’ My way of connecting - maybe people attribute it as being nice, but it’s just being a normal person,” he said.

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